Meaning of the name

Aza translated from Hebrew means "strong", "strong".


As a rule, these are weak children, restless, with poor appetite, prone to colds, with an unstable nervous system.

During school years, they become hot-tempered, stubborn, contradict teachers, often act in spite of them and their parents. They prefer to be friends with boys than with their peers. They have courage, even audacity - they will not let themselves be offended.

Go in for sports (swimming, tennis), however, without noticeable results. In character, Aza is similar to her mother, but cannot find mutual understanding with her and is closer in spirit to her father, to whom she is very similar in appearance. In adult Aza, the character practically does not change.

Aza, born in winter, with a difficult disposition, capable of rash acts, is too principled. Courageously endures failures, knows how to control himself. Each failure overcome makes it stronger and more determined. Loves power, is able to control people. Team leadership is much easier for her than for other men.

Autumn loves attention, does not tolerate loneliness, for she must certainly demonstrate her abilities and talents to someone. She considers herself an unsurpassed woman, head and shoulders above the rest. Cheerful and charming, never forgetting in what "angle" she looks the most impressive.

Spring Aza is excitable, very amorous. He often changes lovers, but remains on good terms with everyone. Cunning and dexterous. A talented actress. Thoughtful in spending money, but you can't call her stingy either. Dislikes weak, greedy and helpless men. Disdains almost all women and prefers to be friends with the stronger sex.

Summer Aza is the softest of all the fair sex with that name. She is cheerful and carefree. Somewhat obstinate, but completely disinterested. He does not like to do other people's business and does not rush to help everyone; her true friends can always count on her. Aza has influential connections, and if she can help many, she does not consider it convenient for herself, but she knows how to make profitable acquaintances.

These women are not stingy, rather they are characterized by extravagance. They dress brightly, preferring red and purple to all other colors.

They are married twice and are usually mothers of daughters, rarely sons. Good housewives, they drive well. In the family, the leadership belongs to Aza.


Aza considers sex as an integral part of love, she always strives to look attractive to her partner, and only love and sex give her completeness in the perception of the external world. She feels the fullness of life only if there is a man next to her whom she can confide in, whom she loves, who suits her sexually.

Her sexual behavior depends on the feelings of her partner, Aza is a sophisticated and romantic nature. Choosing a friend for herself, she must first fall in love, and it is only through love that her sexual attraction reaches its greatest strength. Deep sympathy, aimed at a long-term relationship, is for her the basis for the emergence of sexual contact, and she reaches the highest point of pleasure solely due to tenderness, emotional closeness and the trust of her partner.

Azu is more attracted to men of a high intellectual level; for her, it is not so much his high sexual potential that is important as a high culture of sexual behavior. She may not culminate if the sexual behavior of the partner does not correspond to her attitudes, her moral and ethical requirements, or if intimacy is performed in inappropriate conditions.

Aza suffers her dissatisfaction with difficulty, becomes restless, irritable. Sexual tension has an extremely depressing effect on her. Her claims are high enough, and not all partners are given to satisfy this temperamental and at the same time romantically inclined woman.

The "winter" Aza is especially amorous, she is erotic, sexually excitable, but at the same time strict in observing external decency, and this prevents her from being active. The personal life of these women is often not arranged.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Aries.


The sound of the name Aza gives the impression of something good, simple, round, light, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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