Meaning of the name

Leonty translated from ancient Greek means "lion".


From childhood they are stubborn, although their parents have no particular problems with them. They are quite difficult in communication, choosing friends for themselves, pursuing a certain benefit. Greedy, useful careerism, people are treated with arrogance. Very much like their mother. They master a wide variety of professions: carpenter and doctor, administrator and investigator, programmer and teacher, mechanic and artist.

As a rule, they get married late. They always do what they think is necessary and beneficial for themselves. Although they are married, they are always internally lonely and closed. They move up the career ladder slowly, because they do not know how to adapt. They are obligatory and never let anyone down. Good husbands and fathers. Always neat in clothes. A tie is an indispensable part of their toilet.

It's not easy in life. They are not very sociable. As a rule, these people are very intelligent, have a craving for knowledge, many of them are erudites.

They are very shy and try to hide it. They have good intuition. Leonty is an excellent leader, and the team he leads is always friendly and close-knit.

They are very popular with women and they themselves pay increased attention to them. But in critical situations they give up and do not dare to have a serious relationship. Wives, as a rule, are very jealous of them, although they never leave their family.


Leonty is charming, erudite, intelligent, but all the best qualities of his character are lost in relationships with a woman. In these cases, his intellect and erudition have only one goal - to avoid trouble. In a fit of passion, he forgets about his practicality, but only for the duration of intercourse. Orgasm is sobering.

It is difficult to marry Leonty, painfully decides to take such a responsible step and most often believes that he was mistaken. But he does not allow divorce, because there are many opportunities to satisfy their sexual needs on the side.

Leonty loves affectionate women, the level of their intelligence does not always matter for him, but if his sexual partner is an outstanding personality, his love affair with her will be longer. He may, being married, have several mistresses.

His activity is enough for everyone, but only naive women can believe in his devotion. He is proud of his sexual dignity, is not selfish in bed, tries to satisfy his partner with all his might.

Likes to achieve an erection with fellatio. He prefers to have sex for a long time, each subsequent orgasm is more acute.

Leonty is passionate, vigorously expresses his feelings, it is pleasant in bed with him. But his daily relationship with his partner greatly insults her dignity. He may speak flatteringly about her in public, wanting to avoid suspicion in connection with her. Then he skillfully settles the discord with his beloved, seducing her with affection and tenderness.

Often uses an official position, forcing a subordinate to have sex, can take advantage of a woman's defenselessness. In rare cases, he can become attached to a partner, and then his reviews about her among friends and acquaintances are not the most flattering. He thinks that this ensures his safety.

Leonty is ready to have sex at any minute, he can cancel an important meeting, move any business to another day for the sake of sexual pleasure. For him, there are no prohibitions and restrictions in sex, in any position he finds his charm.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Leonty gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, small, cheerful.

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